About Us

Razzle Dazzle Rabbitry & Yarns is located in Northern Wisconsin.  Our land is full of enchantments and magic. Frogs sing in the spring and summer. Wild rabbits nibble our flowers in the early morning sun.  Spotted fawns grow into graceful deer. Autumn brings the sweet scent of a forest busying itself for a deep winter's rest. Squirrels chatter (to no one in particular) about the abundance of fresh acorns.  Then one day it happens. The first quiet snowflakes are welcomed by our ever watchful rabbits.


We offer German and German/English angora rabbits, angora wool and handspun yarns to those who desire luxury and satisfaction.  Our devotion is absolute.  All angora products are made by hand. With our German angora rabbits, we focus on fiber type, personality, health and adherence to the German angora standard. But our heart remains elsewhere, which is why our focus is on our specific German/English hybrid angora rabbits.  We believe in breeding a rabbit to provide wool for the handspinner, with a more gregarious personality. A fiber friend. 















In the Spring of 2018 Razzle Dazzle Rabbitry & Yarns LLC became the first to import a Blue German Angora buck with registered stock on his pedigree, straight from Germany. Over the years, Razzle Dazzle Rabbitry & Yarns LLC has won multiple awards for yarns and handmade items. 

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