Enjoyable and ready for creative play, every step of the way! Blossom is a rare and unique bunny. She has flowers in her fun and a skirt made entirely of leaves! Her skirt, shoes and shirt are made to slip on and off Blossom, for creative play. Blossom is a large bunny doll. She stands over 12 inches tall! She has been made with 100% wool and 100% organic cotton stuffing. Blossom is truly a one of a kind bunny. 

...one simple warning...Blossom has never been around actual flowers or leaves. She was created in a flowerless setting. She has odd ideas about flowers...including that they make good pets. Perhaps for a bunny, they do. To the future person/family who adopts Blossom...she may get really excited when seeing a flower for the first time! (She can hop 4.6 feet, vertically. You have been warned.) 

Blossom Bunny Doll