Bunny-San's story:


She landed in the compost pile. Literally. That is how Bunny-San arrived at the Rabbitry & Yarns. No reasonable bunny falls from the sky and lands in a compost pile. But Bunny-San did! And she was not hurt. In fact, she was full of energy. LOTS of energy. When Bunny-San hopped, she hopped fast. Very fast. So fast that a rainbow of light trailed behind her. Wherever she zig zagged, the rainbow zig zagged. 


If you have space for an energetic bunny, please consider adopting her. Her adoption fee is $52. She is handmade from hand spun wool and angora yarn. She is filled with organic cotton stuffing. 

Bunny-San Doll

    GOPR0543 (2).JPG