Lightning Bolts and electricity! Crackling sounds and flashing lights! Certainly not a normal morning due to (of all things!) this little bunny. No bunny has ever shown such curiosity over both alternating and direct current, Christmas lights and pancakes. I believe this bunny should stay away from all things electricity, however, this is going to be difficult this time of the year. It is likely that the home this bunny is adopted into will have the surprise of finding this bunny sitting in the tree ("studying" the lights). It is likely going to take a long time to help "Lightning Bolt" the bunny understand both electricity and pancakes. If I might offer any advice, I would suggest starting with pancakes.

"Lightning Bolt" is hand made from 2 different hand spun yarns (crocheted together). The yarns are 75% Gotland/25% angora blend and a 100% angora yarn. Lightning Bolt has 100% organic cotton for stuffing and antique wooden eyes. The scarf is 100% angora yarn also. Hand wash/spot clean. 

Lightning Bolt Bunny Doll

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